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Tamiya Official Mini 4WD Super Guide 2015

Tamiya Official Mini 4WD Super Guide 2015
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Japanese Magazine
(Machine translate by Google)
Table of contents
● NEW MODEL TOPICS ~ Shooting Proud Star, flying !! ~
● "Hyper Dash! Yonkuro" Takei Hiroyuki teacher Special Interview
● Be the first to start a mini four wheel drive!
● "character" of the mini four wheel drive is determined by the chassis!
● The challenge to the four wheel drive mini-making in the starter pack!
● fun of mini four wheel drive is Let's run the circuit that has been condensed!
● Enjoy the tune-up in the grade up parts!
● hear the Champions! Settings of logic
● zero in on the secret of whey mail system!
● Make a four wheel drive mini dedicated garage!
● Hasegawa master Jikiden custom painting surgery (wrap paint to challenge! And others)
● magazine Concours d'Elegance result announcement!
● official competitions Concours d'Elegance winners selection
● "second times amazing! Kondere!" Winning machine gallery
● Conde Les master Art Gallery ~ suck D's Hen
● champions of the car look! (This is the world champion machine! And others)
● collaboration manufacturer visit OJAGADESIGN
● draw down cartoon "Nitsu star drive Mechanics Institute" (TMFL) ultra-fast guide 2015 Special Edition
● 2nd TMFL magazine normal motor Cup
● TMFL latest machine gallery
● recommend the "journey Jong"

[Privilege contents]
● prefabricated "mini four garage"
Official competitions and tune-up was the 2 units can be housed machine along the rule!
● pullout Appendix "mini four wheel drive Japan Cup 2015 Perfect Guide"
The exhaustive information to enjoy the Japan Cup! Iki easy handy size with the venue.

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