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Brand: Olfa
Model: 157B (Japanese Packing version) this is similar to AK-4 of local Olfa modelSuperb quality art knife from Olfa features a rubber grip for greater control; it also comes with two each of three types of blades -- straight, curved, and square. As always with sharp knives, cut away from yourself a..
Brand: Olfa
XB10 Japanese Packing (similar to local model: KB)Include a  2-in-1 refill/disposal box with 25 blades inside...
Brand: Olfa
A set of 10 spare blades for the Olfa Work Cutter. It comes with 30 degree blade design. As well as reliable strength for professional works at the tiny size.Thickness 0.38mm..
Brand: Olfa
- Blade for small cutter. 10 pieces of plastic case packaging.- Material: alloy tool steel- Blade thickness: 0.38mm..
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