We have restocked some "The Kamen Rider" series last week. I havent add these to live at the website.

If you interested with any unit, feel free to Whatsapp/PM me for availability check. The price is also tagged in the photo description at our facebook post below.

I will try to keep this list updated.
Fourze Series no box
Fourze base/alt States RM10 each
Meteor base/alt state RM10 each
W CJ (Pointing finger) RM20 sold
W CJ Standing Still RM15
Kabuto Pointing Finger RM15
Ryuki RM20 
Agito Ground RM15
Decade StandStill RM20
Decade with Card RM20 sold
Diend RM20 sold
Kiva RM15
Kuuga Mighty RM15 sold
Hibiki RM15
Faiz RM15 sold

Drive series no box
Drive Type Speed RM15
Drive Type Formula RM15
Mach RM10
Drive Type DeadHeat RM10
Blade RM15
Den-O Sword StandStill RM15
Den-O Sword Posing RM15
OOO Tajadoru RM20
W CJ Extreme RM20

wizard flame 15
wizard diamond 15
wizard frame dragon 10
wizard water 10
ichigo 20 sold
nigo 20 sold
v3 20 sold
beast 8
beast super 8
stronger 20 sold
black 25 sold
amazon 20 sold
X 20 sold
ooo tatoba 15 sold

gaim orange 15
gaim blood 15
gaim all fruit 15
gaim other 10
baron 10
grape 10
robot 10
melon shin zangetsu 10
melon zangetsu 10