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Shodo-X Kamen Rider 13 (Set of 7)
New -9 %
Brand: Bandai
10cm tall figures.Comes in set of 7 mini box...
RM180.00 RM198.00
Brand: Bandai
Approximately 10cm tall. So-do/Shodo series are detailed figures with movable joint and is posable!..
107B. Kamen Rider Build Gold Rabbit Silver Dragon Form (Secret) - Converge Kamen Rider 19
-23 %
Brand: Bandai
6cm tall figure with extra fine details.There are more than hundred variety from this Converge Kamen Rider line, collect them all!This unit is a secret unit from the box of cross-z dragon. So you will receive it inside the cross-z dragon (#107) box..
RM27.00 RM35.00
Brand: Bandai
BIB item!!Sofa only !! Iron Man not included. !!!This sofa measures 18cm long, 7cm tall*Feel free to Whatsappp for more details...
S.H.Figuarts Deryu Knight (Tamashii)
-6 %
Brand: Bandai
The antagonist in "Unofficial Akiba Ranger", Deryu Knight, the looking awesome badass. He is good in using sword!Content include: Deryu Knight Sword Replacement wrists x3 pairs Replacement chest parts image source..
RM178.60 RM190.00
Brand: Bandai
Pretty old model kits! The G-Unit is the side story of Gundam W series. Rumors for a release soon during 2013! ..
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